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Summer Camps

Ridge Meadow Summer Camps

Great way to spend a week in the summer for any kid that wants to be around horses.

What is Summer Horse Camp all about?

What can be better for horse crazy kids than spending one entire week with a four-legged friend? Each summer camp is 5 days in length from 8:30 AM to 4 PM. Our day camps allow every two campers their “own” horse for a week. The “owners” will be responsible for all aspects of the horse including feeding, grooming, stall cleaning, and tack cleaning. There is a mixture of riding, classroom, working, and playing time each day. In the arena students will learn how to ride (maybe for the first time ever being on a horse). In the classroom students will learn about horse breeds, colors & markings, parts of the horse, tack parts, and measuring horse height. We have special guests come in like the farrier or dentist to teach and show the students what they do for the horses. 

We tailor these camp weeks to mimic what it would be like when one day your camper has a horse of his/her own. Your children will meet new friends and have a great time learning about horses. Thursday night is the one over night stay on the farm for all campers with a cookout, bonfire, and flashlight tag.  On Friday hot breakfast and a pizza & ice cream party is provided. In addition, the campers put on a mini show for family and friends so they can see exactly how much their child/friend has learned! 

Canter Camp

This camp is for students who currently take lessons and can W/T/C. Or outside students may trailer their own horses in or use one of our lesson horses so long as they meet our minimum qualifications at Ridge Meadow Farm. In the arena students work on the specifics of how to become a better rider at the canter. There are no stirrup, lunge, and pole work. Depending on the camp there may be jumping. In the classroom there is be some review in addition to more in depth detail to items discussed in the regular camps. For example, instead of just reviewing bridle parts we go into depth to the types of bits that are used and available. Without going into too much detail; students learn about the different stretches for the horse, show clothing, braiding, and how to prepare for a show. There is a day where students learn about horse health, TPR, and they get to listen to the horses heart beat themselves. 

Instead of a camp sleep over, Thursday is an extended day where campers stay until 6 PM. Campers take extra time this camp to prepare for the Friday show as if we were leaving the farm to go to a show. There is a camp test on items learned throughout the week. The student(s) who receives 100% receive a free lesson from the camp instructor! 


Summer Camp Dates & Registration

These courses are for beginners between 7 and 14 years old. All forms must be completed and received with payment in order for your registration to be completed. Download, fill out and print the documents below to register for one of our Summer Horse Camps. Please mail in the completed Application and Hold Harmless forms with a check.

**7% off regular cost discount for two+ siblings is available, except for discounted camps.

  • Early Registration Discount
  • Discount Registration Rate
  • Canter Camp Registration
    • $ 375 per camp
    • Please check with your instructor first before signing up.
      Limited to 6 Riders.
Stewartstown, Pennsylvania

Interested in our Summer Horse Camp? Check out the camp dates for this year. June 29th - July 3rd, 2020 | July 6th - 10th, 2020 (Full) | July 20th - 24th, 2020

Stewartstown, Pennsylvania

Dates: August 3rd - 7th, 2020 Canter Camp is for current students who have been cantering in lessons and gains instructors approval to sign up. Outside people are allowed to trailer their own horses in or use one of ours as long as they meet our minimum qualifications.

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